Monday, March 24, 2014

Coca-Cola Jumps the Shark!

Company offers ridiculously overpriced glass so you can drink Coke like fine wine. 

Just when you think things in the advertising business can’t get any nuttier, something like this pops up.

Legendary soft drink maker Coca-Cola has partnered with a snake oil company called Reidel that sells glasses which it claims will make your oh-so-expensive wines taste even better. 

Their shpiel is really slick. They have all kinds of artsy pop pseudo-science to back up their claims. And they apparently have lots of  customers who swear by their products. 

Unfortunately, there’s no real proof that the glasses do anything but make the drinker feel good. But their marketing is really incredible. I even referenced it in one of my other posts

Now, they’ve developed a glass tailored to the unique taste of Coke!

For only $20, you can get one of these primo super dee duper glasses to enjoy The Real Thing. 

The problem is that the whole thing sounds so ludicrous that people can’t tell if it’s a hoax or not. 

But real it is, and available now on the Riedel website

It will “create a magical sensoral experience,” and a corresponding magical hole in your wallet. 

I wonder if they’ll make slimmer versions for Diet Coke and Coke Zero?

But is it good marketing?

Hey, that’s a loaded question. For the Riedel faithful who buy into their "better glass = better taste" shtick (and who happen to like Coke) they just opened up a whole new market. Then there are the Coke fanatics who collect any and all memorabilia if it’s related to their hallowed beverage. 

So I’d say it’s a solid win from Riedel’s side. 

For Coca-Cola it’s a tougher call. They might make a few bucks in licensing and royalties, but c’mon - it's Coca-Cola. To them that’s not even pocket change. 

And there is a cost. The whole thing looks and sounds like it’s laughing either at Coke or at the people who drink it. And that may be all be in good fun, but it isn’t too Real in my book. 

What do you think? I’d love to hear!

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